My Hero One’s Justice Is Coming Out In October

Based off the hugely popular anime series My Hero Academia, and then lumbered with an awfully confusing title, My Hero One’s Justice is shaping up to be a pretty nifty 3D super hero battler. You can catch our hands on impressions here, but today’s news is that the game is coming out on 26th October this year.


Two new characters  have also been announced, the muscly Muscular joins the cast of villains, and All Might’s mentor Gran Torino comes out of retirement to help the heroes.

While the game is a one on one three dimensional battler, with plenty of environmental destruction as you unleash each characters’ Quirks, it’s given a twist with the Sidekick system, letting you pick two other heroes that you can call upon to swoop in and quickly lend a hand. This isn’t a tag team game, though.

A single player story will follow events of the anime series, letting you play through some of the character moments from the show, as well as some original scenarios created for the game. However, once you’ve beaten it with the heroes, you’ll unlock Villain Mode and get to play again from the bad guy’s perspective.

My Hero One’s Justice is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on 26th October.

Source: press release

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