The News At Sixth: 11/07/18

So, anything interesting happening today? Anything exciting? Nope, can’t think if anything so let’s take a look at the IT’S COMING HOME…

Sorry. Not sure where that outburst came from. As I was saying, lets take a look at today’s gaming THREE LIONS ON A SHIRT, LA DA DA DE DOO DOO.

Also Today

Here’s a look behind the scenes of Ride 3, examining how the locations were made in the game.

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Good Luck tonight!

  2. They are coming home…on Saturday!!!! Hehe

  3. Unlucky lads… was a great match but Croatia were determined to win which has shown that determination in the 2nd half.
    Pickford was oustanding throughout the Tournament.
    Stones nearly got the goal from the header in ET
    The Ref was poor for first half with no cards at all! But to be fair it did look like a stonewall penalty to Croatia.
    England did really well to progress to the Semis….. does make me wonder if they beat Belgium would it go differently against Brazil?
    Cracking Tourney this turned out to be and I think France has it in the bag already but then again anything can happen…. hell Croatia might go for the draw again ye never know football can be magical and can sometimes be cruel!

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