Detroit: Become Human Update Version 1.06 Out Now

There was a small yet very annoying bug in Detroit: Become Human which stopped everyone from getting the Platinum trophy but thankfully it has now been fixed in the latest update. The problem stems from the fact that there were extra branches on a couple of the post scene flowcharts that were impossible to unlock as it simply didn’t exist, and to get the Platinum you needed to view every single possible branch.

See that up there? It’s a load of tosh. Sorry about that, I was sure there was a trophy that required you to unlock ever branch of the story, like 110% sure it was there because I remember thinking it was going to be a right slog to unlock it when I poked around in the trophies when doing the review. Maybe it got patched out before launch? Anyway, sorry, my bad, you could already get the Plat.


That patch weighs in at just 200mb, here are the notes:

  • The third option for the supermarket holdup has been removed!
  • The final Squat node when Connor investigates has also been removed.
  • The node when avoiding the temperature check which is under “Talk to Luther” has now been removed.
  • Detroit Become Human patch 1.06 updated visual settings.
  • Added various performance and stability improvements.
  • Detroit Become Human version 1.06 added a number of other minor fixes.

For Fugitives, there was a node that was left locked. In the supermarket, when you threaten the cashier, and he pulls his gun out on you, there was supposedly a third option, but only two were ever shown. The node has been removed from the flowchart.

For On the Run, there was a node just outside of the grouping where Connor Investigates the Squat. No one ever found what node it was, and it was deemed a glitch. That node has also been removed from the flowchart.

For Battle for Detroit – Kara – Leaving Detroit, there was one node in the grouping “Avoid Temperature Check”, which was never found, and was deemed a glitch. That node has been removed from the flowchart as well.

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  1. That’s weird, according to psnprofiles there’s been a steady stream of people getting the platinum since release. Region specific maybe?

    • Not sure how one of the scenes didnt exist!

  2. Eh? I don’t remember seeing a trophy for every possible branch node? Unless that was in DLC but then again there aren’t any DLC.
    I am so confused. I have the Platinum and do not have all 100% flowcharts!

  3. I’m still hoping to see photomode added.

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