A Battlefield V Open Beta Is Coming In Early September

Following Battlfield V’s closed alpha test on PC a couple weeks ago – catch our preview from it here – DICE have published a number of their findings from the test and how they’re looking to tweak the balance of gameplay in the run up to release. Alongside that, they’ve also revealed how they plan to test the game more before October, with a new build of the game set to appear at Gamescom in late August and an open beta test in early September.

The closed alpha was an opportunity for them to see their gameplay changes in the wild, and the tweaks to the amount of ammo you spawn, medic revives and the new building gameplay all came under the microscope. Spawning with less ammo seemed to have affected certain classes and weapons more than others, but while some might have hoped for more fundamental changes, DICE are focussed more on balancing the amount of ammo each spawns with and what you can scavenge from enemies. Similarly, revives will still be slower than before and have a full animation on screen, but DICE are shaving off a second here and there, and ironing out a delay to post-revive movement.

In general, DICE were happy with the time to kill (TTK) in the alpha, but are aware that the perception of this is both context sensitive and dependent on the player’s ability to react. Certain modes are more chaotic than others, and player visibility and direction of fire will be better highlighted.

You can read this interesting dive into all the things DICE found here, but the main takeaway is that it’s helped them polish the ideas they’ve brought to BFV, and there’s an open beta for people to get hands on in just a couple of months.

Source: DICE


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