Nathan Fillion IS Nathan Drake In This New Uncharted Fan Film

Good news! Nathan Fillion is, at last, playing Nathan Drake! Bad news, it’s in a fan film. A very well produced fan film it has to be said, the production is top notch and features a great fight sequence. Fillion teased the movie last week with a couple of less-than-cryptic posts on Instagram.

The film is directed by Allan Ungar and also features Elena and Sully, check it out.

Source: YouTube

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  1. He’s so perfect as Drake for the humour and mannerisms. The only thing that’s going to stop his casting for the film at this point is age and fitness for all those action sequences and stunts.

    • Nathan Fillion is 47.

      Tom Cruise is 56.

      I refer the Honorable gentleman to the Mission Impossible film out now as evidence that Fillion is by no means too old to do action.

      • Yeah, but where Cruise has kept himself in tip top condition and always does his own stunts, Fillion has been a TV detective. He could get in shape to do this, take all the training necessary, but in 2018 I expect Drake will now be cast younger, not least because of the character’s look in the games. You get an early 30s vibe in the first game, not mid-late 40s.

  2. That was brilliant! Hats off to everyone involved in the making, superb job from Fillion and a really good effort from Stephen Lang! He needs to keep smoking those cigars though, not quite gruff enough yet

  3. I know it’s only a short, but I think it’s the best quality videogame adap i’ve seen. (except maybe Silent Hill)
    Certainly better than anything Uwe Boll has done anyway ;p

  4. That was amazing… I’d watch it if it can turn into a TV series on Netflix and I am sold!

  5. That was pretty decent for a fan project but i’m not sure about a full movie. Nathan Drake works well as a game character but watching that short i felt more acutely aware that his character is probably based to some degree on existing action movie heroes.
    But heck if they can throw money at stuff like the recent TR movie then why not this too.

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