Amazon Prime Day: Students Get 15 Months PS+ For £20 Or 6 Months Of XBL For £15 With £20 Bonus Credit

Just a quick heads up that there’s an Amazon Prime Day Deal for fifteen months of PlayStation Plus for £34.99, half the usual price.  However, if you have an Amazon student account you can enter the code Student15 at the checkout and get the priced reduced down to just £19.99. One you have purchased the code you can redeem it online as well, Amazon takes you through the whole process.

The deal is limited to one per customer but if you do have some student chums who don’t own a PlayStation now might be a good time to buy them a pint and ask them nicely to help you out and save fifty quid.


To get to deal click here. 

Students with an Xbox also have a deal but you’re going to have to spend a little to save. For £15 you can get three months of Xbox Live and £10 bonus credit to spend on the Xbox store. You can purchase two of the deals at once so do that, apply your £15 student discount code, and for £15 you get six months worth of Xbox Live and £20 to spend on the store on whatever you want. Amazon are effectively giving you money to spend on the Xbox Store.

To get that deal click here.

Switch owners can also join the fun by throwing money at the screen and feeling a tad smug as their online is free to use until September.

Source: Amazon 

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  1. Switch owners should NOT throw money at the screen.

    They’ll probably crack the case if they do that. ;)

  2. Well one perk of working in a College, having a email address and prime student.

    Thats probably the only perk though :)

  3. My wife is a college lecturer with ‘student’ status, and so I’m now a PS plus member for the first time ever!

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