No Man’s Sky To Get Weekly Updates, Hello Games Discuss Death Threats

After No Man’s Sky Next launches this week the team at Hello Games will be pushing out weekly updates to the game which will be focused on events and missions rather than bug fixes. The updates will be free, “this is not a loot box thing, it’s not a microtransaction thing, ” stressed Sean Murray, and there will still be larger, free updates to the game with extra content.

A new website, Galactic Atlas, has also launched and it highlights points of interest in the NMS galaxy.


Sean has also been discussing the initial launch of the game on PlayStation 4, one that draw praise but also a lot of criticism. “We knew we were working on a polarising game, and while there’s no way to communicate that, I thought we were making it clear that No Man’s Sky was a weird lonely experience. But some people were looking at our trailers and thinking it was Star Wars, when really it’s more like 2001!” he told Games Radar.

“We definitely messed up a whole bunch of communication. I’ve never liked talking to the press. I didn’t enjoy it when I had to do it, and when I did it, I was naive and overly excited about my game. There are a lot of things around launch that I regret, or that I would do differently,” he also told the Guardian.

Sean also told the Guardian that they received death threats and bomb threats and were in regular contact with the Police.

“I remember getting a death threat about the fact that there were butterflies in our original trailer, and you could see them as you walked past them, but there weren’t any butterflies in the launch game,” he said. “I remember thinking to myself: ‘Maybe when you’re sending a death threat about butterflies in a game, you might be the bad guy.’”

Source: IGN / Games Radar / The Guardian 

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  1. Hopefully tomorrow will begin a new chapter for the game but whether it draws new players or pleases those who didn’t like it initially, i’m super excited to continue my journey in deeper and even more engaging ways.

    • It’d be great to draw new players in and refresh its image, with any luck the XBox release will give it a new lease of life from those who haven’t formed opinions yet. I’ll definitely be taking another dip, although all the changes seem very overwhelming! TSB, reckon I can resume my year-old save and keep my lovely old ship when I eventually bag a freighter?

      • I’m debating starting a new game or continuing with my old save. Reluctant to let go of everything i’ve accumulated so far but also think a new game might be a good way to learn the new mechanics. And apparently you can get vehicles and freighter much quicker now from a fresh start.
        Afaik everything should carry over from previous save but they changed the savegame system last update so i’m not sure if that would create issues for you. You can also have multiple saves now so i’ll be trying old and new.

  2. He needs to stop talking about launch. Every time he does he says he “messed up” communication whereas what he actually did is lie about what would be in the game.

    Still, nothing deserves death threats. Whoever is doing that – to anyone – should reconsider their life.

    • Did he do a lot of lying? I believe you but didn’t see any lies myself, in the interviews I watched on YouTube he mostly just got far too enthusiastic about the maths behind the universe generation. The trailers contained a lot of lies, but I’d say it wasn’t Sean Murray’s doing explicitly, the PlayStation branding and constant Sony hype heavily implies they were complicit in the overhyping of the game and I’d totally believe that Hello staff had their head in their hands in disbelief at the post launch internet fury. It must’ve been so frustrating!

      • He didn’t really lie, did he? Some people got upset because they didn’t get what they thought they were going to get (which is obviously their fault). And various things weren’t there on day 1.

        At worst he was a bit enthusiastic about what he wanted the game to be and said too much (which may be partly down to Sony), and then ended up with a choice between “release it now and keep adding stuff later” or “keep adding stuff, run out of money and risk never releasing”.

        Games have released in a much worse state and not had as much shit thrown at them. Whatever it was missing (or people thought it was missing), it was still an enormous amount of fun when it released and wasn’t broken and unplayable in any way.

    • All i know is that there seemed to be two main interpretations of what we were getting. Group A believed they were getting a game with 100 confirmed features and group B knew that they were getting a space-themed minecraft-alike with very little else confirmed apart from what was shown in the actual gameplay footage. Group B cannot understand how Group A made such a horrible mistake and Group A cannot understand why Group B won’t join them in cries of “LIES”. And so it shall ever be. And i don’t care anymore because i’ve got my own personal GOAT.

      • Well put! I’d like my NMS Group B t-shirt in blue, size m please! I remember it feeling more like a case of being misled by marketing rather than being lied to by Sean, but like you guys say all the gameplay was there to see and what we got was just like it! More than that, it was so much fun to play.

  3. The update is live now. 9.729GB to download. Which is only a couple of gig less than the installed size for the 1.38 version.

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