PES 2019’s Demo Will Be Out In Early August

Now bereft of its Champions League license, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will have to do all of its convincing off the back of its footballing gameplay. As in previous years, they’re releasing a demo well in advance of the game’s release, which has been brought forward to 30th August after years of mid-September releases.

The demo will be out on 8th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC, featuring exhibition match, quick match and offline co-op modes to try out. You’ll be able to kick a ball about FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou or FC Schalke 04’s VELTINS Arena, while picking from 10 teams that will include Liverpool, Barcelona, Inter Milan, and national sides Argentina and France.

It’s with these teams that you can test out the Visible Fatigue system, new shooting mechanics and ball physics, the ‘Enlighten’ visual effects, and 4K HDR support on all platforms. Despite losing the Champions League, Konami say that PES 2019 will feature more licensed clubs and leagues than ever, and this is being fed into myClub, which has a new card design system.

Source: press release

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  1. Will be seriously evaluating the difference between Pro Evo and FIFA this year. After being PES nearly all my life, the lack of official stuff is starting to really hurt it. Along with year-on-year terrible online, menus and general lack of polish, FIFA has it licked in nearly every area – and in 18 the gameplay seemed much better too.

    • Same. I’ve been all about Pro for years now but I’ve recently picked up FIFA 18 and I think i’ll be going 19 next year. Pro Evo is hands down the better game when it comes to on the field. A much more realistic flow to it that the worldies you can score on Fifa with even the worst of teams.

      But on every other aspect, it is severely lacking unfortunately and I think I’ve had enough.

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