Voldo Returns In Soul Calibur VI

Bandai Namco have revealed that Voldo is to return in Soul Calibur VI. According to the press release “he uses dual Jamadhar weapons, Manas & Ayus, to send deadly messages.” That makes it sound like he’s going to use Manas & Ayus to write a strongly worded letter rather than eviscerate his rivals.

He also has a very spikey codpiece which must be a right sod to remove when he needs a bathroom break. Actually, most of him is spikey so he probably doesn’t get many hugs, poor chap.


If you’ve never heard of Voldo, here is a quick recap of who he is and what he’s be up to, other than sharpening his nether regions.

Born in Palermo, Italy, Voldo was the vicious right-hand man of Vercci, an Italian weapons dealer and head of the Burg family, using his dual Jamadhar weapons, Manas & Ayus, to send deadly messages.

Vercci amassed a huge fortune of weapons and treasures over his life, which he stored on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, in a deep underground cavern known as the Money Pit. It was here where Voldo was stationed for much of his master’s life and where he remained for many years after his master death, guarding the treasures within.

His years spent in the dark depths of the Money Pit caused Voldo to lose his eyesight, but gained tremendous hearing and heightened senses. It was also where he developed his own self-taught, but bizarre and unpredictable fighting style.

Voldo remains within The Money Pit, awaiting those foolish enough to try and steal its treasures, only to find themselves ensnared by the terrifying guardian lurking in the shadows.

Soul Calibur VI will launch on 19th October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Press release / YouTube

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