Amazon UK Ending Their £2 Pre-Order Discount Scheme For Prime Subscribers

A few weeks ago over in the United States Amazon amended their pre-order discount scheme for video games and now that amendment has filtered through to Prime subscribers in the UK. Previously, if you pre-ordered a video game and had Prime you were guaranteed a £2 discount on the price of the game, but that will no longer be the case.

We would now like to inform you that we will no longer offer the Prime discount of £2 on physical video game pre-orders from 7 August, 2018. You can still use this Prime discount without restriction until this date and you will continue to receive all these Twitch Prime benefits:

  • Discount codes for new video game releases
  • Bonus games that are yours to keep every month
  • Monthly subscription for your favourite Twitch streamer
  • In-game loot including outfits, vehicles and items, plus surprises and exclusives for popular games

What they don’t mention is the majority of the Twitch benefits are for PC gamers, not console owners.

Source: Amazon (via Email)

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  1. I very rarely pre-order on amazon as you can usually find games cheaper elsewhere.

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