Hellblade Updated With HDR Support On PlayStation 4

Just because Ninja Theory are now owned by Microsoft doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do right by PlayStation owners who helped make Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice such a success for the studio in the first place.

When the game released on Xbox One it brought HDR support for S and X owners, enhancing the game’s visuals just that bit further for those with fancy pants TVs. Now Ninja Theory have updated the game on PlayStation 4 to be able to pull the same tricks. The ‘NY’ Gate bug has also been squished alongside another round of bug fixing.

If you’ve yet to experience the game, then now’s as good a time as any. With summer sales on both platforms, it’s 40% off on both Microsoft Store and PlayStation Store, bringing it down to £15.

Source: Ninja Theory

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  1. Loved this game so much, when I completed it on the PRO, I immediately completed it again. Its an absolute must play and if you have some PlayStation/TB style headphones, its even more atmospheric.

    Mega game!!!

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