Surgeon Simulator CPR Will Start Operating On Nintendo Switch This Autumn

Can you believe that Surgeon Simulator is five years old? It’s been half a decade since the unwieldy game of operations first graced computers, and to mark the occasion Bossa Studios are bringing the game to Nintendo Switch. Titled Surgeon Simulator CPR (Co-op Play Ready), it will be releasing this autumn.

Here’s the not-so-subtle teaser trailer from a little earlier this month.


The Switch version makes use of the Joy-Con by letting you switch from wonky analogue stick and button controls to wonky motion controls, while HD Rumble will make using hammers, hatches, buzzsaws and laser pens feel like never before. The Joy-Con also mean you can easily split the workload and bring in a second player for local co-op.

Surgeon Simulator CPR will feature all of the operations from the original game, including those from from A&E Edition and the Alien Autopsy mode.

Source: press release

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