The News At Sixth – 26/07/18

Today’s heat was made moderately bearable by playing a spot of F1 2018 in an air conditioned venue – those thoughts and impressions will be along pretty soon. Unfortunately this was sandwiched by far too long spent in an excessively hot tin can on tracks. Still, I MacGyver’d myself a paper fan out of an old NDA I had in my notebook. I still feel like I lost about 1kg of water weight in both directions.

Anyway, here’s today’s gaming news:


Also Today

Crossing Souls is out on Switch today – here’s our review from playing it on things that aren’t Switch.

Anyone and anything can be a check in Overcooked 2, it seems, as the pre-order Too Many Cooks bonus DLC for the game features a unicorn, an alien, a walrus, a monkey, and a cat. The game’s out on 7th August, featuring online multiplayer. Are you excited?

Headsnatchers has dropped into Steam Early Access today:

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