Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Announced, Releasing In September

Nobody really knows whether or not Nintendo Labo met the company’s sales expectations, but they’re sticking with their series of innovative cardboard contraptions. Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 03 is the Vehicle Kit, which will release on 14th September.


This Toy-Con kit is all about vehicle controllers, with a steering wheel, flight stick and weird twin-wheel thing for controlling a submersible. You don’t just create the controllers, but also ignition keys that need to be inserted into the controller and let you switch between vehicles on the fly. The second key allows for a second person to join in and take control of the secondary features of the vehicles, such as an extendable saw arm for chopping down trees.

The game software seems to feature a big open world to explore, from a city with a few other cards driving around to rolling hills, rocky canyons, while you can also explore beneath the seas and take to the skies. The trailer also offers glimpses of in-game vehicle customisation, a battle arena of some sort, racing, and more.

Source: press release

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  1. Well that’s ingenious but I can’t see a cardboard steering wheel lasting long.

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