Quantic Dream Lose Court Case Brought By Former Employee

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream have lost a court case brought by a former employee. It appears that offensive pictures including Nazi, racist, sexist, homophobic and pornographic imagery were circulated through the company, sometimes with employees faces photoshopped in to the pictures.

The employee who quit the studio in disgust has now won their case which means, via some rather complicated French laws, they are seen to have been unfairly dismissed rather than walking, thus allowing them extra benefits and and avenue for more legal proceedings.

At the time Quantic Dream’s David Cage said he was “shocked” at the allegations, a statement that was undermined somewhat as some of the 600+ images found their way online as the French national press investigated Quantic Dream. In response, Quantic Dream have begun anti-libel proceedings against the publications.

Two previous cases brought by former employees were won by Quantic Dream, although one ruling is being appealed.

I do find it very odd that a studio with an apparently a toxic culture has made Detroit: Become Human, a game with a narrative that covers Nazism, homophobia, and race, and shows just how horrible they all are.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Considering their creepy history, I can believe it.

  2. What exactly is this complicated French law? What’s involved in winning? All I’ve seen is some tweets in French that obviously don’t explain anything, unless you can speak French.

    Or trust Eurogamer. Which would be foolish in this case, as they’ve obviously got something against QD. (But are happy to put a “Buy Detroit from Amazon” link on every single thing they post about them)

    And if they’ve won 2 cases previously, is it a case of everyone trying it and seeing who gets lucky and wins? If the level of proof required isn’t too high, that might just work for them.

    There’s just something odd about the whole thing.

    • Usually it’s a case of if there’s any element of doubt the case is likely to be dismissed. So with the most recent case I suspect the evidence was so overwhelming they weren’t able to refute it.

      To be fair if you look at some of the images that were being circulated and being posted on the walls round the office, they speak for themselves.

      • I was assuming it was a legal decision that they didn’t quite but were dismissed (so they’ll get extra benefits), which possibly doesn’t require a huge amount of proof (other than some evidence of the allegedly offensive pictures). And now the person who was dismissed gets to take them to court to try and claim whatever they’re entitled to from QD. Which probably has a higher standard of proof.

        Although my entire knowledge of the French legal system comes from Saturday night BBC4.

        It’s a weird case, as all the reporting seems to be coming from more left-wing sources, who you’d think would approve of QD based on the content of their games. But they seem to have a thing against them for some reason.

      • Probably due to some of the things David Cage has said and done over the years. I wouldn’t trust him.

  3. As stated, it’s hard to imagine this developer being all those things considering the history with the subjects in their games. It just seems as if the lawsuit needed something more “sustainable” in order to work as a proper lawsuit; personal insults doesn’t cut it but elements like nazism, racism and sexism will.

  4. Sounds like bullshit laddish “lolz” that they’re guilty of, not of actually being nazis or homophobic etc. Don’t get me wrong they’re dicks and should be called out, sued and dragged through the courts, I just think they’re w@nkers not c*nts.

  5. Some slightly (and unintentionally?) misleading articles floating around the internet about this ruling.

    The French court (Prud’hommes) simply agreed that the employee’s departure from QD should be treated as a standard ‘firing’ (which wasn’t the case prior to this ruling), which means the employee will likely receive moderate compensation (ie. backdated salary) and will be entitled to unemployment benefits.

    The Prud’hommes is not a criminal court and QD haven’t been found guilty of having a toxic working environment.

    QD can appeal the decision and two prior cases brought before the Prud’hommes were lost (by the employee).

    Still a way to go before we can label QD “Nazi, racist, sexist, homophobic” etc. Although, I get the impression, there are many who have decided they are guilty already.

    • I don’t think the misleading articles from people like Eurogamer are unintentional. They’ve got a thing about them, for reasons I never quite worked out. They’ll leap on any excuse to make them sound as bad as possible.

      It sounds like I suspected. It’s just a “Ok, you’re allowed to claim unfair dismissal and take it to court if you want” decision. Which doesn’t mean they’re guilty of anything. Unless you’ve already decided they are.

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