The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Games Have Been Delisted From Digital Stores

Licensed video games are rarely held up as the best examples of the medium, but that doesn’t make it any less tragic when they fade into the ether as the terms of the licensing agreement expire. With the click of a finger (or more likely a mouse button), the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games have disappeared from the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Steam.

Published by Activision during, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was originally developed by Raven Software in 2006 before Vicarious Visions took over for the 2009 sequel. They were pretty well regarded at the time, boiling down to being Diablo with Marvel super heroes, and Activision decided to quickly remaster and release them for current consoles a couple of years ago. Even at the time we suspected that the license would be expiring relatively soon, but it took a while for that to happen.


Yesterday, Reddit user cooldrew discovered that all of the listings for Ultimate Alliance, Ultimate Alliance 2 and the bundle had disappeared or been removed from sale, depending on the store.

While the games have been removed from sale, those who have purchased them previously will still have access to them through your game library on a given service. They’ll be in the main Library list on Steam, Xbox owners can still visit the store pages here, here and here, and PlayStation owners can head to the Library on their PS4 or trawl through their Download List on the store.

Source: Reddit

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