The News At Sixth – 27/07/18

There is wet stuff falling from the sky! Witchcraft! At last the heatwave has broken in (some of) the UK and we have actual rain. I’ve just been out on the streets of central London and people are actually smiling and shouting in happiness, what a fickle bunch we are.

Anyway, back to the world of video games where, rather topically, there’s been a deluge of news. It’s been a day of losses, Forza is losing it loot boxes, Quantic Dream lost it’s court case, digital storefronts lost the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, and GTA Online lost the need for a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Also Today

Tactical VR multiplayer shooter Zero Killed has been announced for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR with the game launching on Steam this September and a little later on the PSN.


EVE Online developer CCP will be using Unreal Engire for all future projects. “Although CCP Games has used versions of Unreal Engine for more than 10 years on various projects, Unreal Engine 4.20 has massive improvements,” said Bing Xi, Development Director at CCP Shanghai.

Here’s another trailer for Atomic Heart which is identical to the last trailer but with different music. Didn’t think we’d spot that did you, Mudfish?

Boundless, which has been MIA for years, has resurfaced and will launch on PS4 this September.

An open beta for NHL 19 is currently running but it’s for North American PSN users only. For more information click here.

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