Something For The Weekend – 28/07/18

We all know that within two days of this hot weather disappearing, we’ll be moaning about the drizzle and begging it to come back so we can enjoy our BBQ’s again. Until then though, we’ll continue to whinge about how hot the Tube gets, how every patch of grass is murky-brown, and how few places in this country have air-con.

At least the end of this week brought some respite with a few thundery showers!

In the News This Week


We’ve got a giveaway running until the end of today, with five H1Z1 Deluxe Founder’s Bundle up for grabs. Make sure to get your entries in before midnight tonight!

Games in Review

Bar one or two games, the reviews this week had a strong showing:

Reviewed platform in bold.

This Week’s Features

With so many reviews, it was not surprising there wasn’t much time for previews. Tef did manage to squeeze in an interview with the team behind The Persistence before Dom’s review, and dug into the Firesprite’s history and how they’re keeping the spirit of Studio Liverpool alive.

He also went hands on with FIFA 19. The addition of the UEFA Champions League license isn’t just what EA have added for this year, as the gameplay improvements have added up to make a “more dynamic and more convincing game of football.”

Meanwhile, Miguel went hands on with Yakuza 0, which impressed him so much he concluded: “if Sega keeps this quality up with their future Yakuza ports, I might find myself waiting to experience all of these games on PC instead of PS4”. And lastly, fans of the first game should definitely keep an eye on Overcooked 2, which is set to serve up more multiplayer mayhem!

To go alongside our giveaway, Tuffcub also gave us some top tips on how to survive in H1Z1: Battle Royale.

Finishing the week, What We Played featured No Man’s Sky, The Persistence & Overcooked 2.

Trailer Park

Destiny 2: Forsaken Has A New Trailer That Shows New Weapons And Armour

The Latest V-Rally 4 Trailer Features Rallying & Hillclimbing

The Latest Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Trailer Unveils The City Of Paititi

Yakuza Kiwami 2’s Latest Trailer Is All About Forbidden Love

Your Achievements

There’s plenty of busy gaming this week, as we check in on the TSA community:

  • Pixel_nme nabbed his 50th platinum with Far Cry 5, congrats!
  • Jag completed The Witcher 3 after over 150hrs, suggesting CD Projekt Red are now better than Bioware.
  • MrYd’s picked up Tales of Berseria in the sale, and added in some No Man’s Sky and Bridge Crew.
  • ron_mcphatty was also one to revisit No Man’s Sky, and also started EverSpace.
  • “More games like this, please”, says Lieutenant Fatman, who’s loving The Persistence.
  • Andrewww didn’t get any time for gaming this week, but did finish off the latest season of The Walking Dead.
  • gernboes was also one to get distracted by real life, but managed to sneak in starting Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
  • Crazy_Del picked up a win in H1Z1 this week, and continued his struggle with Darksiders.
  • And lastly, “more challenging, more interesting, more engaging and more beautiful” is how TSBonyman describes the new No Man’s Sky update.

If you want to be included in this section, make sure to comment on What We Played of a Friday evening.

The Week Ahead

Heading into August, it’s a rather quiet week:

  • Titan Quest – Switch – 31/07
  • Chasm – PS4, PC, Vita – 31/07
  • Yakuza 0 – PC – 01/08
  • This is the Police 2 – PC – 02/08
  • Armored Warfare – XBO – 02/08

I can’t believe next week it’s August already! Enjoy your week, and I’ll be back again soon!



  1. Cheers and great to see the rain back at last,roll on winter :)

    • Rain?? You call that rain?? 3 or 4 brief showers and a couple of half-arsed attempts at thunder here.

      All it’s done is cool things down a bit and make my hayfever worse.

      • At least it continued for more than a minute or 2 unlike last few times it’s looked like it was going to chuck it down,plus there’s more on the way hopefully and the stong breeze is nice,i usually have bad hayfever but been pretty much fine this past week or so,more of a winter man myself so any kind of respite from the relentless heat is welcome :D

      • I feel for you MrYd, been craving rain for months and we finally got a deluge yesterday here in Hampshire. Not these knob-tease little spits, proper apocalyptic mega splash. I know there’s good science behind it but it’s always bizarre when the drains overflow after a drought, stupid drains.

      • It’s particularly annoying because the hottest temperatures for most of the past few weeks seem to have been further west. And once it moved east (ok, so it got hotter in general at the same tiem), it’s followed by rain that seemed to mostly be towards the east.

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