PS4 Expected To Have Outsold Lifetime Sales Of PS3 Within Months

Sony’s latest financials have revealed that 82.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been shipped worldwide and that in a few months, lifetime sales of PlayStation 4 should have exceeded those it’s predecessor. The PS3 shifted around 84 millions units and as Sony flogged over 3 million PlayStation 4’s in the last quarter the record should be broken soon.

Sony also reported that God of War and Detroit had exceeded sales expectations and boosted hardware sales, and the hope the forthcoming Spider-Man game will have the same effect. The only smudge on the balance sheet is PlayStation Plus, which lost 300,000 subscribers in the past quarter, down to 33.9 million subscribers.


Overall the games and network arm of Sony, aka PlayStation, is the biggest earner for the company by far. Sony note that a lot of the profit came from sales via the PSN as gamers slowly move towards digital purchases rather than physical discs.

Source: Sony

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  1. That’s fantastic news. Its an awesome console with games are getting better and better and Spider-Man hasn’t even landed yet!!!!!

    Long Live PlayStation!!!

  2. Shipped? SHIPPED?

    They’ll be telling us how many hours were spent watching Netflix next :D

    Good for them. Gaming wouldn’t be a hobby if it wasn’t for Sony & Playstation.

  3. “gamers slowly move towards digital purchases rather than physical discs”

    I hope Sony aren’t hinting at a disc-less PS5?
    I’ve heard rumours that MS may be releasing two versions of their next console, one with a disc drive and one without.

    Great sales for PS4.

    • I would be very suprised if there wasn’t a disc-less version of the PS5 or XB2. I suspect they will launch two models of each, one with drive and one without but a bigger HD.

    • One without is the one rumoured to be a streaming console…

      • Yeah but it won’t be like PS Now where all the processing is done by the servers, the XB2 bock in your room will process the controller inputs etc. If the rumours are right.
        If I remember right the one with the disc drive will be released first.

  4. As for the PS3s sales numbers I feel convinced that the number some-eighty million was followed the exceeding years by several million sold PS3s. In other words, it should have passed 90 million by now. Are those 83-84 million official?

    Regarding the possible two versions of PS5 and XB2 – wouldn’t that be confusing for some consumers and frustrating for others? I mean, I mostly buy digital but sometimes I do end up with a cheap offer for a disc version or a bundled one. If I go with a digital console I won’t be able to buy or use these games. That could end up backlashing.

  5. Anyone have any idea why PS+ is dropping?

    • Possibly the price increase? Some people got quite vocal about the extra £10 a year.

      But it looks like most people still think it’s worth it and it could lost quite a few more before Sony end up making less money than they were before the price went up.

      And I guess losing the PS3/Vita games next year doesn’t help either. Probably some people without PS4s that have stopped paying because it won’t be worth it next March.

      • Ah, I hadn’t realised the price had gone up.

      • It went up almost a year ago. There’s probably quite a few people who added on another year or 2 last August, before the price went up. (It was September it went up, I think?)

        So sometime in the next year or 2, a whole load of people will be up for renewal. See what happens then. Although if you’re sensible, you’ll take advantage of whatever special offers happen before then.

      • Yeah the 25% price increase is making way more money than the loss of revenue from the 300,000 fewer subscribers.

      • How different would it have been if they’d put the price up yearly instead of just the 1 increase after 7 years? If it had gone up by £1 or £2 a year instead of the big £10 increase?

        Knowing what the internet is like, people would moan every year about the continual price increases instead of just having a good whinge at the single increase. Because obviously inflation isn’t a thing and it’s all Sony’s fault. (That £40 PS+ in 2010 should actually cost more than we’re paying now)

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