The August PlayStation Plus Games Are Mafia III, Dead by Daylight, And Here They Lie

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time of the month, ew, it’s PlayStation Plus time! This month’s line up is headlined by the quite good Mafia III, which we gave a respectable 7/10 in our review.

Joining it will be Dead by Daylight which didn’t score as highly and we only gave it 6/10 in our review. What a bunch of meanies we are.


But wait! There’s more! Two bonus games, the first of which is PlayLink title Knowledge is Power.

PlayStation VR owners also get the unique and twisted world of Here They Lie. This was one of the first PSVR games out and I reviewed it, and it’s brilliant. You don’t actually do much, just travel through the world and sometimes having to avoid scary things, but the game does a great job of telling a story without any words. It’s utterly batpoop crazy, but I loved it, the sequence near the end is mindblowingly good and could only ever work in VR.

The good news is  that the game was patched so you can play it without PSVR last year, and also supports 4K on PS4 Pro.

As usual the PlayStation 3 games are rubbish, Bound by Flame and Serious Sam 3: BFE, and Vita owners get Draw Slasher and Space Hulk.

To recap, this is your PlayStation Plus line up arriving on 7th August.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Great month. I didn’t like Mafia III but more than happy to give it another go. Almost bought Here They Lie in the last sale (glad I didn’t now) so that’s a nice surprise.

  2. Mafia 3 is sadly not very good. Or it is, but very quickly gets a bit boring and repetitive.

    Dead by Daylight looks at least vaguely interesting. But can you really play as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Leatherface, as the PS blog suggests? Or do you have to pay extra for those, as they seem to be DLC?

    Here They Lie is very good though. A few “early VR” issues (proper movement would have been nice), and probably terrible if you’ve got a thing against wa*king simulators. But definitely worth a go. Definite Clive Barker thing going on there.

    The rest look a bit crap really. My backlog is pleased.

    • I too would like to know about the DLC killers if they are playable or have to pay.

    • Those characters are playable, however, you do have to pay to use them, my suggestion would be to buy the Leatherface DLC before any of the others, but it’s up to you, DBD needs more people within the game, hopefully this month will make this game enjoyable again!

  3. Already own Mafia but brilliant game that. I enjoyed the story and the combat. It is quite repetitive.
    Never played Dead By Daylight but looking forward to it as I have sunk so many hours on Friday the 13th which I enjoyed playing…. looking forward to that.

  4. I came to say
    Here They Lie PSVR title, can be played without PSVR

    that is all

  5. Coolio, I’m cautiously keen to give Mafia 3 a go and over the moon to be getting a Serious Sam game to blast the nuts off.

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