Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Nintendo Switch Beta Is Occurring Next Week

Having received more than a little bit of critical acclaim, it was great to hear that the stylish fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ would be making the jump to Nintendo Switch. It’s going to be available on 28th September, but Bandai Namco are holding an open beta on the platform.

You can download the beta client right now via the Nintendo eShop, but there’s a little bit of thumb twiddling to do before it starts at 5AM BST on 10th August, running for two days until 8AM BST on 12th August.

Through the beta, players will have access to the 23 characters from the game’s base roster, so you can experiment with the different play styles and teams. You’ll also be able to battle in the practice battle tutorial, Arena Match, Ring Match and Ring Party Match modes.

Of course, you can always just pick it up now for PS4, Xbox One or PC, but it’s not quite the same as being able to play on Switch!

Source: press release

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