The News At Sixth: 07/08/18

“OW OMG OW I hate leg day,” I half yelled /half whimpered to the rest of the TSA staff this morning. I had been up since 6am and at the gym and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. “I would like nice, light, floaty news today please,” I added, and lo and behold my wish has been granted.

Nothing of consequence happened today in the news but we’ve got a great preview of Strange Brigade, a game I am really looking forward to, so you might want to read that.

Also Today

The World Ends with You: Final Remix is coming to Nintendo Switch this October, a “definitive version of a modern RPG classic will bring a new scenario and some killer, new remixed music.”

Storm Boy: The Game has been announced for all formats including smartphones. The game is based on a classic Australian book which explores the friendship between a child and his pet pelican.

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