Here’s Some New Gameplay Footage From Spider-Man

The PlayStation Access team have got their paws on PS4 exclusive Spider-Man and have new footage along with a commentary from the game’s Creative Director, Bryan Intihar.

The first section of the video shows some stealth gameplay including a rather excellent take down from an air vent, followed by the reveal of tricks that you can do whilst swinging through the skyscrapers. The game does look stunning and the footage is in 4K from a PS4 Pro so looks extra sweet.

Source: YouTube

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  1. PS4 Pro – Locked since day one yo!
    Absolutely booming 4KHR banger of a TV – Yes Sir, yes sir indeedy!
    Spider-Man Preordered – you bet your sorry ass I have mofos!

    I want this game that much its hard to put it into words. It looks absolutely perfect and sounds like it will have storyline, abilities depth and layers to keep you going for some time. And come on, who wouldn’t want to simply web about, wise cracking and whooping ass for days and days once its clocked anyhow??!!

    This game jumps to the top of my 60 title backlog without a shadow of a doubt!!!

    Thwipping is about to go down…

    • 4KHDR – all that excitement got a brother missing keys and shi… :-D

    • Haha, that was awesome to read. Can’t remember the last time I got that excited about anything! I hope it exceeds your expectations!

      • #InMarvelWeTrust

        We are PlayStationists and must keep the faith my friend!!!

        Insomniac are ballers and this type of game was meant to be handled by them. Always wondered why Comic Book games [broadly speaking] never got the AAA treatment – this could be about to change all that?

        Arkham Series
        Hulk – Ulitmate Destruction
        Captain America
        Spidey 2

        All looking to be dethroned [although Batman Begins on PS2 with its Splinter Cell Vibe was good, but not a banger]

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