The Nintendo Switch Paid Online Services Start The Second Half Of September

It’s been a rather long wait but Nintendo have narrowed down the launch window for Switch’s online services. These include cloud saves, online play, and a library of classic NES games, some of which have been enhanced and now let you play online.

As you might expect some people are rather annoyed that online play, which is free at present, is going to be locked behind a paywall. However, there are indications that free to play games such as Fortnite and Paladins will not require the subscription, as their eShop entries do not feature a disclaimer stating that Switch Online will be required after its launch.


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  1. I’d like to know more about the included free games from them. As I understand it, we know about half of them but there’s a batch of unnanounced ones. Are they unannounced as they don’t know what they are yet (unlikely), unannounced as they’re going to wow us or for some other reason. Very excited at prospect of playing SMB 3 on switch but what else are we getting that we don’t wlready know about. Come on Ninty!

  2. I know it’s technically true but I don’t see how they can advertise that you will “get” online play by paying for the subscription.
    We already have that! Surely they’re supposed to be selling to us why this is a good thing for the average consumer.
    I have friends that will simply not understand why they’ve now got to pay, and simply not bother. If they could be given something a bit flashier than “cloud save backups” and NES games, which again the average person probably doesn’t really care about.

    Just seems like a massive PR disaster waiting to happen

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