Doom Eternal Is Sacrificing SnapMap In Favour Of Single Player Invasions

One of the more interesting tidbits from the end of the lengthy QuakeCon gameplay reveal for Doom Eternal was that other players invaded the single player campaign, spawning in as demons to try and kill the player. It’s something that has worked brilliantly well for fostering a community in the Dark Souls series, and now it’s coming to Doom, but at a cost. SnapMap is now dead.

Speaking to GameSpot, Executive Producer Marty Stratton explained, “We’ve kind of moved away from SnapMap at this point. We loved it, it was great, but it didn’t quite scratch the additional content itch for people in the way that we had hoped it would, in a broad sense. I know there’s some unbelievable SnapMap content out there, but we’ve chosen to reassign those resources and the time spent on that into things like the Invasions.”


It’s a simple case of something that wasn’t being used as much as Bethesda expected in favour of something that they hope will keep the game’s single player more relevant for longer, as has been seen with the Souls series. However, that’s not the only multiplayer element. While it sounds like they’re going to be trying something a little bit different to the multiplayer of 2016’s Doom, Stratton says that it’s “a new PvP component that, in addition to the invasion, is also very Doom and very connected with what you experience in the game.”

He continued, “We’re going to do a lot with the Invasions, along with the PvP component which we’ll talk about more down the road, and we’re also developing that internally. We’re doubling down on things to make sure they’re done exactly how we want them to be done, and to make sure that they’re connected with the campaign.”

Doom Eternal is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch (on day one), built on the new idTech 7. No launch window has been announced, but shall we cross our fingers for 2019?

Source: GameSpot

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