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Outward Announced for PS4, Xbox One And PC

Open-world action RPG, Outward, has been announced for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and will be published by Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio. The game is playable by yourself or with friends, online or rather uniquely, with split screen co-op.

You can use combat and magic to beat enemies and also make your world the land which is “rich with diversity and life, enemies, obstacles, and fantasy creatures.” The game will be constantly autosaving which means if you make a bad decision you’re stuck with it, but death isn’t always the final outcome. If you are beaten by a group of marauding bandits you may find yourself held to ransom, or looted and left for dead in a field.

Casting spells shouldn’t be as simple as pressing a button,” say Nine Dots, “To cast spells in Outward, you have to know the steps to the ritual and perform them in order yourself. For instance, to throw a fireball, you must use a firestone to create a fire sigil, then create a spark while standing in the middle of the magic circle to create the fiery projectile.”

Outward will be available early next year.

Source: Press release / Nine Dots


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