More Than 3 Million PlayStation VR Headsets Have Now Been Sold

There’s now more than 3 million PlayStation VR headsets out in the wild, Sony have announced. It ticks off another major milestone for the system which passed 2 million sales between Black Friday and Christmas last year.

It’s taken eight months to rack up this extra million sales. Along the way it will naturally have been helped along by Christmas sales and discounting around the end of the year, and a major price cut back in March. If it follows a similar pattern going forward, it looks likely that the system will pass 4 million units by the end of 2018.

Slow and steady might well win the race, but that’s not the mantra that the video games industry tends to adopt, but PSVR is clearly targeted at core gamers and not the mass market just yet. That’s emphasised by the attach rate that the system has, with 21.9 million games and experiences being sold meaning that there’s an average of seven games per headset.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. My wife got me one for Christmas 2017 and I love it, its used quite a bit in my house I have near on 60 games for it. Letting friends try it out ones that have said they would never get it as its a fad have all brought one after playing on mine.
    My top games which are played near on daily are Headmaster, Skyrim and Job Simulator (mainly my sons). Other games which I recommend are 2MD Football, Knockout League and Carnival Games.
    I have a lot of horror games sitting on my hard drive like Resident Evil and Paranormal Activity

    • But they have not been played as Rush Of Blood almost put me in a early grave.

      • The spider level? It’s always the spider level.

      • Yeah the spider level, having really bad arachnophobia I never sweat and shook so much in my life.
        I have played Resident Evil flat screen and know what I would be letting myself in for.
        I love horror movies and games but that feeling of being in the game is so creepy I have found out how much of a wimp I am.

  2. I never expected PSVR to go fully mainstream and sell like hotcakes. It’s a niche market and 3 Million sold to date is far exceeding my expectations. Especially when you consider how popular and ‘mainstream’ online gaming is these days and yet only 34 Million of the 80+ Million PS4 owners have an active PS+ subscription.

    I wonder if the figure for ‘games sold’ includes games which are PSVR compatible, such as Resi Evil 7 and Wipeout for example?

    • I suspect that 22m figure for games sold only includes things that need PSVR, not the ones with optional VR support that you might not be playing in VR. (Although they seem to know how many people have been playing at least some things in VR. Presumably the games are telling Sony or the publishers things)

      How many does it need to sell before it’s not a niche market? Or does it need to reach some percentage of the number of PS4s sold? A percentage that is actually increasing. About 3.6% now, compared to 2.6 when they announced 2m PSVRs. I’m guessing it could reach 5m out of 110m PS4s by the time the PS5 appears, so 4.5%. A number that could rapidly become a lot higher for the PS5, if it supports the current PSVR and games. A lot of VR users will be early PS5 buyers.

      • I think it’s still a niche product insofar as it isn’t considered absolutely necessary by the majority of PS4 owners or gamers generally. It’s an entirely optional branch off the general gaming tree. In that regard I think it will always be considered a niche product (and one I personally hope is here to stay). The current numbers are great as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Its a cracking bit of Kit – especially when playing things like DriveClub, Resi 7 and Batman.

    If it could be improved – wires need to be overcome. It would be so much better if it was completely wireless so you could pick up and play a easier as the DS4. I literally have to move the living room around to get it up and going.

    Still dope though and a genuine leap forward in gaming….

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