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Spirit Of The North Announced As Timed PS4 Exclusive

The rather gorgeous third person adventure Spirit of the North has been revealed and it’s coming to PlayStation 4 first. You play as an ordinary red fox who meets a spirit fox, the guardian of the Northern Lights.

What follows is a “a quiet journey of discovery and companionship” where you will discover more about your companion and a land which has been let in ruins. The game is based on various pieces of Nordic folklore but has no dialogue or narrative.

The last game to feature a fox traversing icy wastelands was the superb Never Alone and it seems foxes exploring desolate landscapes are now a genre as Endling is also on the way.

Anything with cute foxes in it gets a thumbs up from me, so looking forward to Spirit of the North.

Source: Press release / YouTube

  1. lambchop
    Since: Aug 2013

    I will definitely be getting this. I love foxes!

    Comment posted on 19/08/2018 at 14:18.
  2. Foxhound_Solid
    Is a smart cookie.
    Since: Dec 2009

    One of my favourite animals! I live on the rural part of a major city so I get to see them quite often. Definitely getting this day one, looks beauty!

    Comment posted on 20/08/2018 at 11:24.