Futurlab Confirm Velocity Supernova, But You May Never Get To Play It

Futurlab have tweeted to confirm a sequel to Velocity 2X has been worked on for years and it is titled Velocity Supernova, but due to a series of unfortunate events you may never get to play the game.

In short, the fate of Supernova release on the Nintendo Switch version of 2X selling well. Here’s the full text from the tweets.


1. TRUTH BOMB: if you want to see the bells and whistles sequel to Velocity2X that we have been working on in secret for years, you need to go out and buy Velocity2X on Switch.

2. Velocity2X on PS4 and Vita was released for free on PS Plus. Great for downloads (well into the millions) and so there’s a big playerbase, but publishers for a sequel want to see actual unit sales.

3. Velocity2X on Steam was published by Sierra/Activision on the same weekend as Windows 10 arrived, creating a game-breaking bug for NVidia cards that took us a year to fix. It therefore flopped on Steam.

4. Velocity2X physical on PS4 and Vita published by Badland was a very public disaster and we will likely never see another dime from it.

5. We could have published Velocity2X on Switch ourselves, but we chose to give it to Curve as a carrot because we want them to publish Velocity Supernova (title confirmed). We like Curve :-)

6. We’ve tried, over and over and over to get a sequel signed. It’s the same every time. It looks and feels amazing, so everyone is interested. Until they see the actual sales of 2X.

7. Pretty much any publisher you can think of has seen it. Sequel to a 90 Metacritic? Wow. Does it look great? Yep. Does it play great? Yep. Does it do new things? Hell yes. Ok, we’re interested. How many players of the previous game? Over a million. Great! How did it sell? Oh…

8. So, this is probably your last chance to see a fully deserving sequel happen. I wouldn’t be doing this if not. Show @CurveDigital how much you want it.

9. Velocity2X is currently being prepped for launch on Switch. Watch @CurveDigital for announcements of the release date.

It does seem a little unfair to place pressure on Switch owners, Velocity’s fanbase is on PlayStation.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Wow, that’s an incredile insight into the curse of being a Plus game. Poor guys, I hope they get the sales they need on Switch, and I hope this isn’t a silly question but couldn’t they just publish the new one on PlayStation independently and bypass these sales restrictions?

    • Yep, they have self published before.

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