Ace Combat 7 Gets A Release Date And A New Trailer

January 18th 2019 is the date for your diary if you are a wannabe Goose or Maverick, for that is the day Ace Combat 7 will launch on PlayStation 4. There’s a new trailer to announce the date but I have noticed something a bit worrying, but first here’s the trailer.

Previous trailers, such as the one posted by PlayStation in January 2017 say the game is coming to PlayStation VR, and has the PSVR logo in the end credits.

The trailer above has been posted by Sony, it only has the PS4 logo, and the text on YouTube makes no mention of PSVR support. We’re trying to get hold of Bandai Namco to find out what’s going on.


UPDATE: “It’s still there” say Bandai Namco. Phew!

Source: YouTube

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  1. How much VR content there is could still be an issue. Exclusive PSVR missions, according to the website. But the Japanese website apparently says a VR “mission”. Just the one. Although that could be down to Google translating it badly.

    So one or more special VR missions and not the whole game.

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