Hitman Season 1 Missions Will Return As DLC In Hitman 2, Free For Owners

In a splurge of generosity, IO Interactive have announced via twitter that all of the Hitman Season 1 missions will be updated and playable within the forthcoming Hitman 2, and available as a free DLC download for anyone that owns the first game.

As the moody voiced man in the video states, ”all our new features across AI, combat, gameplay items, graphics improvement and new game modes will be available across all of season 1 content”. The disembodied voice goes on to confirm that Hitman 2 will be ”ever expanding” with new missions, game modes and that even the recently released Sniper Assassin Mode will receive new maps.

And in even better news, to save you from having to click your finger a few more times to find the video on twitter, you can watch it below. Aren’t we good to you?

Press Source: twitter