The PlayStation Store Games Under €20/£16 Sale Returns

It’s the return of the PlayStation Store Games Under €20/£16 sale with plenty of games on offer including Dark Souls III, Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, Fallout 4, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.There’s also 50% off the Legendary Edition of Overwatch.

Here are the games, you’ll have to click through to get the prices.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. Nothing at all of interest to me on that list, thankfully.

  2. I nearly picked up Doom VFR from Amazon the other day. But they’re up to their “pay for Prime or we won’t sell you things” nonsense again. So I didn’t. And now it’s 5 quid cheaper. And works with the Aim controller I just managed to get my hands on the other day. Bargain.

    And Ultrawings is a bargain too. And a test of your VR legs. Works well with fancy Hotas controllers. You just lose anything you’ve eaten for the past 24 hours if you do anything unwise.

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