The Crew 2’s Free Gator Rush Expansion Lands In September

September 26th is the day to mark in your diary if you want some free DLC for Ubisoft’s open world racer, The Crew 2. Gator Rush heads to the deep south and there you will find a new type of vehicle to master, the hovercraft.

“Behind the wheel of these air-cushion rockets, both water and land make the perfect surface to slide and speed while bouncing off obstacles and competitors,” say Ubisoft.

Source: YouTube

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  1. The hovercraft already in the game is fun and quite easy to control but not that fast. The new ones look a lot faster and hopefully more fun to drive.

  2. Is this game actually good? I kinda like the look of it, but The Crew of old was pants….

    • It’s much better than the first game but you have to repeat events to upgrade vehicles.

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