The PlayStation 5 Code Name May Have Been Discovered

The latest update for Unreal engine has been picked apart and something interesting has been discovered. Under the list of supported platforms we find the usual suspects, PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox and others, but at the bottom a new platform is listed, “Erebus”.

Erebus is a Greek god and Sony have used Greek gods for code names in the past, PlayStation VR was originally Project Morpheus. Further investigation of the code has revealed an instance regarding cross-play, and the code checks if is compatible with both PS4 and Erebus, so that’s a rather clear indicator Erebus is Sony related, and that the PS5 will be backwards compatible.

Erebus is “a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness,” which doesn’t sound like the sort of chaos god Sony would want to associate their console with, but you can’t see in the dark so it’s good place to hide things you want to keep secret.

Like a new console.

Source: ResetEra


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  1. There was mention of the possibility of PSVR being hard-coded into the PS5 firmware, wonder if that’s related.

  2. I read an article last week stating that the PS5 will be released autumn 2019. But a few days later there was another article that said the PS5 maybe delayed as there is a shortage of MCC’s (monolithic ceramic capacitors) due to 5G and driverless cars.

    • 1) Whoever wrote those two articles hasn’t a fucking clue.

      2) Why are you reading other games sites?

      3) As I’m in charge of news the only PS5 news you will read here is going to be carefully considered and checked. Like this story, it checks out, makes perfect sense, so it’s been posted. In fact this only the second ever story about the PS5 we have ever posted, and the first was a direct quote from Sony.

      A story bout the PS5 being delayed due to a shortage of MMCs? That has been written for one purpose, it’s clickbait, for advertising revenue.

      TLDR: If you read stuff about the PS5 on other sites, its bollocks. If it’s on here it’s not.

  3. I guess the more interesting thing is not the ‘confirmation’ of Sony working on a PS5, but Microsoft not having a console far enough in development for UE to label it?

    Although it could just be ‘other’ and Microsoft haven’t come up with a sneaky codename yet!

    • Haha, I think you’ve rumbled them! XBox Other isn’t a brilliant name for the console but it’s not a bad one either.

  4. Not related to the content of the article, but the logo used for the thumbnail…I hope this is just a mock-up of whatever the PS5 logo turns out to be, because I don’t like it. It looks more like PSS, or PRS, or PJS…than PS5!

    • Yeah just a mock up I swiped from the internets. Feel free to design a better one for me to use :)

  5. Do people think it’ll definitely be called PS5, or do you think Sony might switch it up a bit and try something new? Suppose they could meet half way and call it PSV, like Eindhoven!

    • If it’s called anything other than the PS5 I will eat one my very fashionable hats.

  6. Sooner rather than later would be my preference. Console launches are always exciting and I’m ready for 4K/60fps to be the standard – that’s where things are going, surely?

    • I think Sony should should skip 4K and go straight to 8K. It would look brilliant on LG’s 8K OLED TV, shown at IFA 2018 in Berlin this week. Although I don’t think many will be willing (or able) to pay £15,000 for one.

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