Battlefield V’s Squad-Based Battle Royale Mode Is Called Firestorm

Anyone and everyone that can is jumping onto the Battle Royale bandwagon, and DICE have today shared just a few snippets about their take on the game type that will come to Battlefield V after release.

Dubbed Firestorm, it features what DICE say is the biggest map in the franchise to date, with the few glimpses shown in the below video – starting at the 1:08 mark – showing the encroaching circular fire that lends the mode its name.


Importantly for for DICE’s ability to stand out from the Battle Royale crowd, they’re sticking to familiar Battlefield staples. Instead of allowing for solo play, the game mode will feature 16 teams of 4 players, so it’s not breaking past the series’ traditional 64 player limit. It will also feature plenty of military vehicles and bring all of the game’s map destruction and physics to bear. It certainly rings true when they say they’re doing it “the Battlefield way”.

Battlefield’s Open Beta is up and running today for those who’ve pre-ordered the game or have Origin and EA Access subscriptions, while everyone else can hop in on 6th September. There’s no Battle Royale in there, but you can get a good look at the Arctic Fjord and Rotterdam maps in both Conquest and the Grand Operations mode.

Catch our hands on impressions from Rotterdam here.

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  1. I wonder whether everyone will drop in without weapons like in other battle royale games or whether you’ll drop in fully equipped?

    Definitely sounds interesting.

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