Spider-Man’s The City That Never Sleeps DLC Trailer Features Black Cat

There’s a lot of excitement built up for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which releases later this week, but what about when you’re done and dusted with Peter Parker’s perilous adventure this time around? What if you want more?

October 23rd will see the release of the first of three DLC expansions for the game, entitled The City That Never Sleeps. The first episode is called The Heist, and has Spider-Man chasing after Black Cat.


People get very antsy when developers and publishers start talking about developing DLC for their games, and by my reckoning that makes Insomniac and Sony are about one week too early to be talking about DLC for Spider-Man and not cause a bit of a fuss online. That already happened at the end of August when the DLC plan was revealed, but Insomniac stressed that development of the DLC had not started until they’d finished making the main game, which reached ‘gold master’ in early August.

Of course, everyone then lost their collective minds about a bunch of puddles and all was seemingly forgotten about the DLC palaver.

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  1. DLC for a AAA game has just got to be decided upon and resources allocated to it during the development of the main game, right? They’ve got to know that elements will be included in the forthcoming DLC well in advance. The purpose of DLC has – it seems to me – always been to make more money. I think the idea that a developer finishes a game and then goes ‘oh I’ve had a great idea for some awesome new content!’ is fiction for the most part.

    • Yeh, while it was previously announced it does leave a sour taste when developers advertise the DLC before you can even play the main game.

    • Yeah, it will be part of a roadmap to make the game fincially more lucrative and a way to expand game content but keep an orderly work pipeline.

      But to be fair, if they kept adding this content to the main game before release, the release would be pushed back a couple of months. Plus you can bet the main Insomniac team will start prepping for their next project, and leaving a small team to work on DLC, so it’s fair to class DLC as post-launch support, otherwise the devs would never get round to their next project.

      So basically, they can move on, but also keep support for their current game and motivate sales a bit.

      I think as Stefan pointed out, this news is too early, hence the negative reactions some of us are experiencing.

  2. I think the feeling makes the product you’re getting seem lesser, as if you’re not getting all of it.

    This is regardless of development resource/ timing which may well be the case.

    I think as long as people know what they’re getting for what price then they shouldn’t be complaining. You don’t complain you’re not getting the 3d version of a film when you buy the dvd edition? Why don’t they just “put them both on the disc?”
    The industry will adapt and providing the companies don’t start abusing it (destiny for me personally) it’s down to us to vote with our wallets.

  3. All over it!!!

    This game cannot release quick enough!!!

  4. Exactly what Foxhound says.
    I know I was not happy with DLC being announced before the game is released….. but I have the Collectors editions and will have the codes for the DLC and hopefully it’ll be the city that never sleeps.
    I got codes for all DLCs for Far Cry aswell as the Remastered Edition when I nabbed the Collectors Edition.

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