A Nintendo Direct Tomorrow Night Promises Both 3DS & Switch Games

There’s rarely much warning for a Nintendo Direct, as they love to throw out quickfire surprises all year round. The next one is coming tomorrow night at 11PM BST – midnight for our chums in Europe, 6PM on the US East Coast and 3PM on the West – and details are thin on the ground. All the Big N are revealing is that it will last approximately 35 minutes and will feature both 3DS and Switch games.

There’s been a good few rumours surrounding a port of Super Mario Bros. U from Wii U to Switch, and it’s been a while since we heard much from Yoshi’s artsy, craftsy platformer. You can also bet that we’ll see some third party games, though we’d expect indies to take a back seat on this one, since they had a Summer Showcase all to themselves just last week!


Given the proximity to the launch of Nintendo Switch Online as a subscription service in the second half of September, this would also be a pretty good time for them to discuss that a little more directly to their audience, but the brevity of each Direct might prevent that from happening.

Anyway, we’ll see.

Source: press release

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