THQ Nordic Buy The Kingdoms Of Amalur IP, Pearl Abyss Buys CCP Games

THQ Nordic continue their run of buying up every defunct IP they can get their mitts on and have announced they have bought the Kingdoms of Amalur IP. The game was fairly average when it launched, created by a new developer 38 Studios, that was badly managed and shut down shortly after the game released.

The deal also covered the acquisition of ‘Amalur’ which is based on the abandoned MMORPG Project Copernicus. That game never even made it to the shelves but a trailer was leaked after the studio went under.


In other acquisition news, CCP games – the chaps behind EVE online and it’s various spin offs – have been bought by Pearl Abyss, the elderly sister of porn star and PlayStation Vita favourite, Golden Abyss. Just joshing, Pearl Abyss are the Korean developers of open-world action-MMO Black Desert Online.

There’s a lengthy blog post from CCP regarding the sale but the TL:DR version is that they will remain independent, but have the backing of a larger publisher going forward.

Source: EveOnline / Press release

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  1. Meant ever so nicely but I’m not sure how it’s an average game when it scored 80%+ on Metacritic. However, great news that something might happen in the future. Really enjoyed the game.

    • But that includes scores from other places. We don’t trust other places!

      The TSA review gives it 7/10. Or 2 points above “average”. Or “quite good” on the TSA review score scale.

      A score I’d agree with, actually. Hopefully something that can improve on that will come along.

      • I was hoping that we’d look outside of TSA but I realise “the other side” is a scary place. :-P

        Even then… “fairly average”? Hell’s teeth, you need to change your scoring system to match that.

        7 out of 10 – Fairly average
        8 out of 10 – Kinda fun
        9 out of 10 – Not bad at all
        10 out of 10 – Could be better but not as shit as the usual tripe

        Fixed it.

    • We gave it 7, hence “Fairly” average. A bit better than average. No other scores matter.

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