Sega Mega Drive Classics Collection Is Coming To Switch

Sega have announced that the Sega Mega Drive Classics collection will be releasing for Nintendo Switch sometime this winter, bundling together 50 retro games from the company’s back catalogue. It will sport same-screen local co-op with individual Joy-Con, online multiplayer, achievements, mirror modes, rewind and save states, just like the other versions that released earlier this year on other platforms.


While this makes the revival of Sega Ages earlier this year seem a bit odd, that label does still have some use. Firstly, it will allow you to buy single games, but the initial batch feature games from the Master System and Mega Drive that don’t feature in the Classics collection, including the first Phantasy Star, Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Thunder Force IV. It’s still a tad confusing, but it is what it is.

Source: press release

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  1. My 10 year old brain just exploded. Sonic the Hedgehog on Nintendo console?!

    • My 10 year old brain didn’t know what a Sonic the Hedgehog was! It was still 10 years away.

      So well done on making me feel old :P

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