Spare Underpants On Standby, Home Sweet Home Is Coming To PlayStation VR


Thai horror game Home Sweet Home is making the jump from PC to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

It’s another “Oh no I’ve woken up in a spooky house” game but this one is packed full of vengeful spirits  inspired by Thai mythology and folklore. Lots of girls with long black hair screaming, that sort of thing.

● Gripping Thai Horror – A dark narrative inspired by Thai lore, myths, and beliefs that will captivate players while keeping their palms sweating and pulses pounding with fear

● Sharpen Wits, Not Blades – Without weapons to provide defense against the evil spirits, players must keep their wits sharp remain sharp at all times in order to survive

● Nicely Tied Together – The use of stealth and investigative skills offers gameplay variety and a chance for players to breathe, but not for long….

● Face Your Fears – Experience a new level of first-person fear and terror with PS®VR compatibility

Home Sweet Home will land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 6th.
Source: Press release

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