Artifical Intelligence Designs Retro Video Games

Anyone else worried that one day an A.I. will see us all out of a job? Perhaps it will even render human beings irrelevant and consign most of us to being – as historian Yuval Noah Harari would dub – the ‘useless class’? Then, maybe this A.I. will decided there’s no point in keeping these pointless homosapiens around any longer, and wipe us all out with a swarm of Terminator-1000’s?

Perhaps we’re one step closer to this technological nightmare, as Digital Trends has reported that an A.I. at Georgia Tech has designed games inspired by 8-bit classic and apparently they’re quite good. These two games are called Death Bounce and Killer Walls.


So let’s address the main issue first: is anyone else freaking the hell out that the first two games this A.I. designed have the words ‘death’ and ‘killer’ in the title? Surely it’s not a coincidence unless it was associate professor of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, Mark Riedl, who named them of course.

Mark said this on how he taught the A.I. to create video games: “First, we take video of several games being played. In this case, the games are Super Mario Bros., Kirby, and Mega Man. Our system learns models of the level design and game mechanics [and] rules for each game. The machine learning algorithms we use are probabilistic graphical models for learning level design, and a form of causal inference for learning game mechanics.”

It then puts the algorithm through “conceptual expansion” to create a new game model that bears a resemblance to other games but isn’t an exact copy. Think of how we ended up with a glut of GTA clones after GTA III and Halo led to every shooter for the next decade only letting you carry two guns at a time and having recharging health.

And what is Riedl’s reason for creating this perverse desecration of nature? “Games are really complex and really hard to make, even for experts,” Riedl explained, ”so the ability of an algorithm to create interesting, working games is a notable achievement,”

Watch out game creators, Artificial Intelligence will be coming for your jobs next! Given the visuals used in the the two videos below, they’re definitely coming after Mike Bithell!

Here’s some footage of Death Walls:

And Killer Bounce:

So, what do you all think on the issue of Artificial Intelligence? Will it ultimately sweep humanity into the dustbin of history? I’m genuinely interested to hear your thoughts.

Source: Digital Trends



  1. It’s inevitable, but luckily climate change will wipe us all out just in time.

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