Vampyr & Overcooked 2 Get New Difficulty Modes

Getting a game’s difficulty level just right is about as tricky as finding the perfect bowl of porridge while invading a bear’s home. Whether you’re a AAA studio or a plucky indie, it’s often the case that the difficulty level you thought was perfect and the options you made available to players weren’t right for everyone out there. With that in mind, it’s great to see both Dontnod and Ghost Town Games adding more options to their games.

In Dontnod’s case, they’ve added two new options alongside the standard difficulty already in Vampyr. A new Story Mode reduces the emphasis on combat to let players immerse themselves more in the story, while the new Hard Mode ups the ante, giving people less experience from the more challenge combat, and forcing them to make tough choices about the human populace that are a source of power.

This update is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC next week alongside a bunch of other optimisations, tweaks and fixes – find the details here.

For Ghost Town Games, it’s more that the challenge wasn’t high enough for veterans of the first game, so they’re adding a New Game+ mode with the added task of grabbing a fourth star on each level. That will be added in early October.

Source: press release, Twitter

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