China Has Blocked Twitch’s Game Streaming Platform

Though they’ve got a very cool name, the Cyberspace Administration of China keep tight reigns on the internet access of Chinese citizens, often removing access and content that is seen as undesirable to the government. That, it now seems, includes video game streaming platform Twitch, as they crack down on live streaming services in general.

The tipping point for Twitch accessibility being turned off and the app removed from the iOS App Store seems to have been the Asian Games which hosted esports for the first time, with Chinese fans turning to Twitch to watch when it was not hosted on state TV. Eager fans helped push the Twitch app up to third on the download charts before it was taken down.

In the context of China’s strict controls over internet access in their country, it hardly comes as a surprise that they would eventually crack down on and block Twitch, just as they have other Western platforms like YouTube and Twitter.

Source: CNN

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  1. YouTube, Twitter and Twitch all blocked? I think China and I would get along like a house on fire.

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