Misogynistic Cockwombles Are Attacking Total War: Rome II As It Has Female Generals

A bunch of misogynistic cockwombles have been posting negative reviews for Total War: Rome II on Steam as the game has had more female generals patched in. The patch, which launched in March this year, only recently gained attention when someone posted a screenshot which showed a game where – oh no, run for the hills – every general was female.

A female community manager for the game named Ella posted a response, “Total War games are historically authentic, not historically accurate – if having female units upsets you that much you can either mod them out or just not play.”


This was then picked up by Gamergate friendly blogs, YouTubers and even a neo-nazi website in America. Since then Steam has been bombarded with negative reviews, many of which include personal attacks aimed at Ella and calls for her to be fired.

This echoes am earlier incident where Guild Wars 2 writer Jessica Price responded to comments online and was hit with a barrage of abuse along with calls to ArenaNet for her to be sacked, which she was, without warning or consultation. This lead the cockwombles to rejoice, thinking they had the power to get female employees sacked as and when they wanted, and this seems to be another attempt to instigate a dismissal.

However, it turns out Creative Assembly have a little more backbone that ArenaNet and have posted the following to Twitter which suggest the screenshot that started the incident was either faked or incredibly rare.

Response to the Tweet has been positive with players asking for Ella to be given a raise and inserted in to the game as a General. However, a video game company really should not have to justify putting female characters in their games.

BTW to to person who is about to write a comment along the lines of “You shouldn’t call them cockwombles its very unprofessional,” – get in the sea.

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  1. You shouldn’t call them cockwombles!

    That’s far too polite.

    And all because they silently patched the game to add women. “silently” apparently meaning “we didn’t print the patch notes on a piece of paper, highlight the relevant note, wrap it around a brick and beat the stupid cockwombles around the head with it”.

    By the sounds of things, the chances of having a game where all the generals are female is ridiculously small. Probably only ever happened once, but of course it happened to a sexist cockwomble who doesn’t understand probabilities.

    • I wondered whether he nodded the game, as Ella suggested, but did so to create the all female general evidence in order to create more cockwombles? Fucking cockwombles are breeding more cockwombles!

      • Are they intelligent enough to do that though? The fact that they’re stupid enough to be complaining about it in the first place suggests they might not be up to the job of manufacturing the evidence.

      • Cockception??

  2. Not too sure where these people have got the idea from that there were no female generals in military history – there’s loads!

    Joan D’Arc, Boudica, Æthelflæd, the Mongol bad-ass Khutulun, Ching Shih (who led 40,000 pirates and defeated the British and Portuguese Navies), Artemisia (who Xerxes the Great declared was the finest officer in his fleet)… I’m feeling a Playing with History coming on!

  3. I don’t know what’s more pathetic tbh. Crying because there’s too many women generals or crying because they’re aren’t enough.

    • So you think people wanting some representation in their games are similar amounts of pathetic to sexist dumb men who are not only unaware of the many woman military leaders in history, who not only feel confident commenting on it despite not knowing history, but who just don’t like women being in games.

      Yeah, sure.

      • I believe Tactical has a point. One sides unnecessary or misinformed attack doesn’t make the opposite a just cause.

        These cases of gender issues in video games have ideocracy on both sides.

      • I don’t consider someone wanting characters that look like them in their entertainment to be on equal footing with misogynistic relics of the past. Because to think that would be absurd.

  4. Dear Misogynistic Cockwombles

    I regret to inform you that women far outnumber you as potential customers so we will not be prioritizing games that suit your wish that women should only be portrayed as damsels in distress.
    We expect this to be even more true in the future as we all know you are a dying breed, as frankly all your potential partners think you’re all assholes.
    We recommend you all leave your basements and go upstairs, locate your mom and ask her to teach you how to treat other people. If you ask nicely she may give you the education on common decency you’ve ignored so far.

  5. I’m quite happy the comments on here are the way they are, good to be here.
    I find it quite unbelievable how stupid some people can be, and if they occur in such big numbers, it gets a little scary.
    It’s good to see Creative Assembly are dealing with the situation in a better way than others did.

  6. This is just hyper depressing. I’m not really annoyed, just disappointed.

  7. Tuffcub… proofread, fella! :-) (meant with absolute respect) :-)

    • Do you have any idea how hard it is for a bear to use a keyboard?

      (and thanks, fixded)

      (btw fixded isnt a typo, it’s throw back from when I was working on the Transformers movie and there was an email from an executive asking for something to be ‘fixded’)

  8. Ella’s response is spot on. If this is the kind of thing to upset you then just go away. You do realise that half of the world’s population is women right?

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