Sega Mega Drive Mini Delayed, But Now Coming To The West

Earlier this year Sega decided to jump on the mini bandwagon and announced a Mega Drive mini console, but it was only to be released in Japan. However, a huge response to the announcement has persuaded Sega to up their game and the console, which was meant to arrive this year, will now launch in 2019 across the world.

Sega have also decided to “rethink the design” of the console in order to please the fans, so that has also contributed to the delay. Sega


Nintendo have two mini consoles, Atari have one in the works and Sony are about to join the party this December. Maybe we will see a mini Xbox Classic next?

Source: Gematsu 

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  1. Considering there have already been Megadrive collections on PS3/PS4 and other Megadrive plug in boxes, this isn’t that exciting. Price point will be critical.

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