Embrace The Dark Side In Vader Immortal

Who wouldn’t want to be Darth Vader? Excluding his whiney pre-transformation portrayal by Hayden Christensen – who is perhaps more wood than man – in the dull as dishwater prequals, Vader has consistently been one of the best things about Star Wars.

It’s understandable if you want to start getting a bit excited by Vader Immortal, as it’s the first episode of the intended Star Wars VR Series for Oculus Quest and should give you the opportunity to inhabit the body and mind of the biggest and baddest man in the galaxy. Bear in mind the below trailer is one of those pesky ‘teaser’ variants – so there’s really not too much to go on.

Vader Immortal is being developed by ILMxLAB, a team founded by Lucasfilm in 2015 to ”embrace the next truly transformative opportunity in entertainment”.

The game will be striding into the world of VR sometime in 2019 exclusive to Oculus Quest, the new stand alone VR headset.

Source: Youtube


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