New Features Of Football Manager 2019 Revealed

I know very little about football, other than the fact that the sport probably originated from England in the 12th century. The game became so popular during the reigns of Henry II and IV that it was banned, the belief being that the beautiful game was distracting peasants from proper English pursuits; like fencing, archery and failing to develop decent dental care. That’s one theory anyway, the other is that the first game of football or, in this specific case, kick ball, took place in China two thousand years ago.

My knowledge of football in the modern day however is virtually non-existent. That’s why I have no understanding or comprehension of whether the new features of Football Manager 2019 – as recently revealed by Neil Brock on the Sports Interactive Community – are a good or bad thing. You can judge for yourself with an extract from his post below:


Two core areas of the game, training and tactics, has received significant attention this season with the training module completely overhauled and the tactics creator upgraded to reflect innovations in the modern game.

Training Overhaul

Precisely modelled and verified on the professional game, new and bespoke sessions and schedules give you more control when preparing for your next fixture and developing your squad on the training pitch.

Tactical Innovation

Push the boundaries and create your own footballing philosophy with new styles that reflect the most popular tactical innovations in modern football, as well as an array of new team instruction options.

New Manager Induction

New to Football Manager? Get to know the game with an interactive tutorial that will introduce you to the fundamentals of football management and maps your route to the very top of the game.

Official Bundesliga Licence

All 36 teams from the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga are fully licensed with official logos, kits and player faces as well as trophies for the respective leagues.

Fresh Look

A restyled contemporary skin incorporates the Football Manager brand colours and gives FM19 a fresh, re-energised look.

Further additions include match improvements including VAR & goal-line technology, agent feedback during transfer negotiations, manager environments, enhanced pre-match briefings, UI improvements, new Steam achievements and much more.

All of this gobbledegook can be enjoyed by modern day footballing fans when Football Manager 2019 is released on 2nd November for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Sports Interactive Community Forums