Here Are Launch Trailers Astro Bot, Fist Of The North Star, Forza Horizon 4, And More

We normally post launch trailers for smaller games in News At Sixth but just as a treat – or possibly because there’s a load of them – here’s a nice post dedicated to launch tailers. Hurrah! First up we have Astro Bot Rescue Mission which has launched exclusively on PlayStation VR.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise has arrived, take control of Kenshiro and master the secret techniques of Hokuto Shinken (bless you).


Winner of today’s “Game We’ve never Heard Of Before It Launches” award goes to Racket Fury: Table Tennis which is another PlayStation VR game.

Project Highrise: Architects Edition has skipped over to consoles after a successful launch on PC. The console edition includes the Las Vegas DLC as well as the content packs Miami Malls, Tokyo Towers, London Life and Brilliant Berlin.

The Surge is getting some Wild West themed DLC in the shape of The Good the Bad and the Augmented.

Eximius Seize The Frontline does not believe it putting all it’s eggs in one basket as it is described as a “FPS/RTS hybrid that focuses on squad-based combat.” It’s out now on Steam Early Access.

Among Sleep has been tarted up for PlayStation 4 and is out now.

Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story is another game that hasn’t appeared on anyone’s radar, but it’s out now.

And Finally, here’s Ken Block doing impressive things in a car to help launch Forza Horizon 4. 

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