The News At Sixth: 02/10/18

We had such a deluge of launch trailers and other nonsense this afternoon that we a) got in a bit of muddle because Ade kept posting the Space Hulk trailer and I got mixed up between a “launch” and “dance” trailer, and b) we had too many to stuff into News at Sixth. So we didn’t. Here’s a ton of launch trailers for Forza Horizon 4, Fist of the North Star, Astro Bot and more.

In the actual news, a lot of people got very excited about some terrible quality off-screen footage of a possible game:


Also today…

Killing Floor 2 is inviting a Monster Masquerade in to terrorise players during their Halloween event.

This was the “dance” trailer I got confused by. With no other context, Fist of the North Star looks very weird.

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  1. The PS+ games for October are available too, although it’s probably not worth bothering.

    From a quick look, Friday the 13th is basically dead, and Laser League is terrible. And dead. Bold move giving 2 dead multiplayer games and hoping enough people will give them a go for more than a day.

    And 2064: Read Only Memories is hilariously shit. Lots of text to read in a horrible retro font. And a bit where it asks what pronouns you want to use, with the option of he/she/some made up bollocks. I’ve a horrible feeling they’re being serious too.

    The Bridge is a cute little puzzle game though.

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