Update: Black Ops 4 Needs 100GB Of Free Space On Your Hard Drive To Install

Update: Turns out that, once the dust has settled after installing, Black Ops 4 will only take up around 55GB of space on PlayStation 4. The claim on the back on the back relates to the manner in which the PlayStation 4 copies and unpacks data while installing, and may also factor in the 50GB day one update that the game requires in order to play.

It’s a technical detail that has also popped up in reporting of Red Dead Redemption 2’s install size, which is now also being disputed, and we’ll be looking to take this into account better going forward.

Remember when games used to fit in to 48K? I do, and it seems like a very long time ago. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not, unfortunately, be ported to the plucky ZX Spectrum as it has been revealed the game will take up a minimum 100GB worth of hard drive space.

Or to put it another way, 2,184,533 ZX Spectrums, which is close to half of the number of Speccies that were ever made.

Last week it was revealed that Red Dead Redemption would need 105GB of space, so if you’re planning on buying both these games that almost half the storage on a standard PS4 used.

Source: Charlie Intel

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  1. xD these games are getting bigger and bigger.
    There better be a 5TB PS5 then =P
    Thanfully I can focus on campaign/singleplayer games til completed/Platinum and delete for space for next game. I think Blops will reach 169gb due to all future DLCs

  2. From the title I had the irrational fear that CoD would take up all that space even if I don’t buy the game! Er… uh-oh… have I just opened the Pandora’s box of day-one-patch esque next generation shaftery?

  3. Crikey! Even better when one needs a 100mb update and you have to free up another 100gb just to download the damm thing!

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